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*The University Store follows the University policy for weather related closings/delays. 

Please visit https://www.frostburg.edu/news/snow-closing-info.php for additional information.

Inclusive Access

The University Store Inclusive Access Initiative

The University Store, in partnership with multiple publishers, has developed a program that will offer students direct access to their course materials through Canvas at the lowest cost available.

With this program, students will have immediate access to their course material on the first day of class.

This not only benefits the student, but it benefits the instructor as well. Students enrolled in these courses will be billed directly by the billing office. If a student wishes to stay in the program and keep the material, they do not need to do anything. They are automatically enrolled and will be billed. If a student chooses to purchase the material from another source, they are REQUIRED to "OPT-OUT" of the program though a link in Canvas within the predetermined "Opt-Out" period.